Safety Tips for Hot Air Balloon Rides

16 Mar

Being above the ground in a balloon is such a good feeling. All the adventure sports, touring hot air balloons included have their dangers.  Not once or twice have people who are not careful enough hit in a hot air balloon.  Riding many meters above the ground requires a lot of safety precautions that every rider should be aware of. 

Taking off without ensuring that the hot air balloon has all the necessary safety equipment is very risky.  If you are new to hot air balloon rides, ensure that you go through the various ballooning guides and websites.  Before any hot air balloon takes off, it should have the onboard flint spark lighter, fire extinguisher, and parachutes.  Without the spark lighter, it is difficult for the hot air balloon to land softly or fly in case the flame goes off.  If the spark lighter is not available, the hot air balloon could land with a tremendous crash.  The use of a fire extinguisher is evident to all of us.

Another important item that should be available in a hot air balloon at is a drop line. Sometimes, the strong wind prevents the pilot from efficiently steering the hot air balloon.  There are very many obstructions on the ground that could affect the balloon in case it is not steered in the right direction.  A perfect drop line should not be more or less than thirty meters long.

The best hot air balloons to ride in are those that are well-maintained.  Hot air balloons need to be inspected as regularly as possible. The structure of the balloon is the part that is more helpless than other regions.  Any minor sign of tear and wear should not be ignored because it can cause a lot of damage.  The basket is another essential part of the hot air balloon that needs to be checked before taking off.  It should be clean and organized.  Dirt is an indicator of poor balloon maintenance. Most of the times, these hot air balloons land on places that are dirty and it is the responsibility of the operator company to wash them.  Hot air balloons with skids that are not damaged are always safe. Discover more facts about hot air balloons at

The safety of your hot air balloon ride is determined by the experience of the rider you select.  Quality customer service is only ensured by companies that have been in the industry for several years.  It should also have pilots who inform the customers the terms and conditions to be followed during the flight.

Always be alert about the hot air balloon ride.  There are times when the pilot could be concentrating on a particular thing and forget to check out for obstacles, and you need to keep informing them.

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